Where do you begin?


I’m Dr. Pat and my job is teaching aspiring entrepreneurs for over twenty years on how to start up their own business. The odds of you succeeding in business without guidance and specific skills is only about 20%.  That’s a shock when you’ve put all your life savings and hard work into your business operation.


Let me begin by saying that over 80% of my entrepreneur students who opened their business succeed. Why?  Because they learned the specific steps to successfully start-up their business.


Initially, I ask all of my students:


Do you have the expertise and experience in the business that your want to start your business?


Are customers out there that will buy from you?


How much money do you need to start your business?


How much cash do you have?


Where will you be located and is this a prime spot?


Does your business name reflect what you do or sell?


Once my students respond to these questions, then they start working on their Business Plan. Keep following my blogs if you want to succeed in your own business or purchase my book called unlock The American Dream” from Amazon or Barnes & Noble for more of my secrets and advice.