Dr. Pat authored HOW TO WIN AT GRANT WRITING, a work book for the aspiring grant writer who wants to win grant awards and can be obtained from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. This workbook is one of the most essential resources to help you learn how to secure grant funds. This manual covers the vital steps of grant-writing that are reinforced by Dr. Pat’s inside trade secrets that only she knows about.


Serious grant-writing takes specific skills that are absolutely needed to succeed in this field. Let’s begin by assessing whether or not you have these ten essential management skills:


  1. Effective Leader & Manager
  2. Effectual Researcher & Data Analyst
  3. Precise & Capable Planner
  4. Decision Maker
  5. Well Organized
  6. Problem Solver
  7. Critical Thinker
  8. Effective Communicator
  9. Time & Stress Manager
  10. Able to Deal with Change

Don’t despair if your skills in these areas are limited at this time. When I first began I lacked some of these skills so I partnered with another grant writer until I was ready to go out on my own. You could consider this same approach if you need to acquire some new management skills.