My name is Dr. Pat and my passion for grant-writing is evident in the success rate of the hundred of proposals that I have written at the Federal, state, local, community and private Foundation levels. I have authored the workbook called “How To Win at Grant Writing” that is far different than any other proposal-writing texts that are currently on the market. It spans the personal conversations between me, who has secured millions of dollars in grants and you, the aspiring grant writer who wants to achieve this level of success by learning the specific skills to produce an award-winning proposal. I’m unaware of any author who has ever shared their inside secrets with the readers to such a personal level as you will discover in my workbook.  My mission is to make you an outstanding grant writer and producer of proposals aimed at winning grant awards. In my workbook you will learn about the vital steps to produce proposals that are reinforced by my inside trade secrets  that add another dimension to successful writing by alerting you to common errors made by other proposal writers.


In my workbook I refer to the funding organization as the grant maker. I’m passionate about learning who these grant makers really are, what is their funding intention, when do they typically make their awards and what part of the country do they specifically target. My goal in speaking to them is to let them know who I am and what grant proposal I may be submitting which will meet and exceed their expectations.


What better way to learn about what comprises a winning proposal than to be one of the grant reviewers. For over fifteen years, I have been an evaluator of state and Federal grants and one of those evaluators who make the decision about numerous proposal submissions.  In the future, you may also want to become a grant reviewer.


Productive grant-writing takes specific skills that are absolutely needed to succeed in this field. Let’s begin by assessing whether or not you have these ten skills:


  1. Effective Leadership Skills           6.  Researcher & Data Analyst
  2. Precise & Capable Planner           7.  Decision Maker
  3. Well Organized          8.  Problem Solver
  4. Critical Thinker           9.  Effective Communicator
  5. Time & Stress Manager 10.  Able to Deal with Change

Don’t despair if your expertise in these areas is limited at this time. When I first began my writing career I lacked some of these skills so I partnered with other grant writers until I was ready to go out on my own. You could consider this same approach if you need to acquire some new management skills.