Before you start to work on your Plan, sit down in a quiet place for at least a couple of hours when no one else is around and envision  what achieving the American Dream will mean to you.


The successful owner that you want to become should dream like Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds, who envisioned a structured food operation that could be replicated everywhere. With very little money, he dreamed of growing his vision by staying focused. Today there are thousands of McDonald franchise owners worldwide and 95% of them are achieving the American Dream. Now ask yourself why do 88% of all small businesses fail when 35,000 McDonald’s are successful today? Why can’t your business be a winner too?


Make a copy of this page and begin to create your future vision of how you see your business operation in five years. Forget the negative and dream the positive about your American Dream.


Right from the very start of your planning, envision your business as the greatest, before this even happens. Think and act big and tell yourself that the morale is high among the employees and there is energy and excitement everywhere. Walk, talk and dress the part of the greatest business owner of all times.


Place your written vision in a safe place and look at your responses every month and especially when you think the “going gets tough”. It may take you five years and sixty reviews, but I’m sure that you will be well on your way toward the American Dream.