It’s always wise to be aware of what obstacles that can get in your way while you’re reaching for the American Dream.  Here are some of my obstacles that I encountered and conquered: 


1. Lack of a written Business Action Plan


Initially, I said that my Plan was all in my head, but it didn’t’ take me long to discover that I needed a written Plan if I wanted to succeed.

2. Going it alone

In the beginning, I was able to function alone, but as the business started to grow, I needed to hire employees including: the technician who assumed some of my work load, a manager to run the overall operations, the financial manager and I continued as the visionary.

3. Run out of cash

In the excitement of starting my business, I lost sight of the actual amount of money that I needed to operate during my first year. I took my Business Action Plan to the bank and secured a micro-loan.    

4. Not knowing my customers’ specific wants and needs

I discovered that if I did not stay abreast with my customers’ emerging wants and needs, then I knew that I was heading for failure.

5. Ignoring the numbers

I made a bold statement that I was in business to make a profit and that was my “bottom line”. I quickly hired a reliable bookkeeper to monitor and report to me about my ongoing financial status.

6. Its human nature to be attracted to what’s popular or hot


I was very careful that I chose a business operation that didn’t have the potential of “fizzling out” fast. I stayed current with what was going on in my business world and stayed alert for trends that come and go. I had to be constantly aware of what my customers wanted and was willing to continue to buy.