This is the first point that you will include in your Business Action Plan (Plan). Initially, you will start working on this, but it will not be fully completed until all of the other points in your Plan are finished.

The Executive Summary should be finalized last! This point gives a clear overview of your business operation to the readers. It should be no longer than two pages and represent a concise, clear and broad narrative about your business operation.

I made my Executive Summary professional, concise and I was enthusiastic in the manner in which I presented the contents. My entire summary was checked over and over for spelling and format.

I started with a brief mission statement featuring what the positive fundamentals of my operations were and why I thought this business venture would be successful and profitable.

Creating this statement requires a great deal of time to make it as powerful as possible to bring about the results that you hope for. I also confirmed that I had researched my specific product and service lines, found a suitable site, located sufficient customers and structured my pricing to realize a profit. I concluded that I will implement effective marketing and advertisement strategies and hire experienced personnel.