An extremely important part of all proposals is to share with the grant maker the expertise and “track record” of the organization that will be responsible for administering the grant if and when it’s awarded. The Request For Proposals (RFP) will state where to place this information and the importance of these data must reflect an impressive background of the organization.


It’s important to identify something or anything that makes this organization stand above all the other organizations competing for the same pot of funds. I highlight that the organization which I’m writing about is unique, has a stellar track record of prior accomplishments that lend proof to their ability to produce an outstanding program, beyond a shadow of a doubt. The transparency of the organization should also be made evident when detailing their history.


You should highlight the organization’s Mission Statement, their Board of Directors and specific projects that were successful, especially if they are similar to the one in this proposal request. Community involvement activities are always important to include along with any partnership and collaborative initiatives. The most recent financial reports, along with the table of organization that document administrators, the financial manager and staff who will be involved with this proposal should be included, along with their background and expertise.



My ultimate role is to build a partnership with the grant maker that is truly a partnership. I have the ideas and capacity to solve problems, but no dollars with which to implement them. The funding agency has the funding, but not the other resources needed to create a program. Bring these two together and the result is a dynamic collaboration.