The major impact on grant requests throughout the years is the condition and state of the economy. It’s a given fact that when the economy is down, so are the streams of grant funding. If I’m looking for federal or state grants because my organization depends heavily on these money streams, then I watch for any “economic climate” changes very closely.


I meet with local, state and federal legislators regularly to discuss my organization’s financial status and what is anticipated from their government funding streams. I’m known by my legislators as the “Champion of Grants” because my organization only operates under competitive grant funds.


Take this advice and “never put all of your eggs in one basket” because in lean times, your one funding source may dry up and leave your organization stranded. Competition for grant funds is difficult even in good economic times, but nothing is

more challenging than to write proposals in an economic downturn when funding becomes scarce. I like to say that scarcity of funds makes me work even harder because I envision that there are always going to be streams of funding. When I work hard during these downturns in the economy, the victory of winning a grant is even greater due to this challenge.