Strong leadership skills were essential while I was striving to reach the American Dream. The definition of a leader is: “an action person who directs, commands, guides, conducts and performs” (Webster’s Dictionary).


To reach the American Dream, the following skills kept me focused:


  • Always set specific goals with a focus on achieving these
  • I’m persistent and let nothing stand in my way
  • Hard work is my passion
  • I’m a visionary and a creative thinker
  • Problems are opportunities to be solved
  • I’m a leader in the business arena
  • Managing my time and stress are what I do well
  • Coordinating my family and business is a major priority
  • Conflict management is my expertise
  • I recognize opportunities to make money to show growth
  • Market analyzer in my name and this is what I do best
  • People call me the networking genius

Famous Quote: There are no secrets to success. It’s the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure (Colin Powell, American Four Star General, 1937 to present).


Successful owners stay focus on the following three most important  business-related assumptions to attain their American Dream:


  • Money: Awareness of available capital at all times
  • Materials: Knowledge of your physical properties
  • People: Responsible for all those who impact operations